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Everything you need for hunting besides a gun

From a dump pouch to binoculars, there is way more equipment you will need when you are out hunting other than your gun. Hunting is something done by many people, whether it is out of necessity, to get closer to nature, for pest control, or a combination of those reasons. The stereotypical image of a hunter rarely shows them with much more than some camouflaged clothes and a gun, but there is way more that a hunter will need when they are out hunting. Have you ever heard the word dump bag for example?

No. A dump bag is not what you think it is.

While you might first jump to the conclusion that dump bags are the human equivalent of those bags you use to clean up after your dog, they are absolutely not. You are in the wilderness, just leave it where the bears do. (Okay okay, not exactly where the bears do, you wouldn’t like some stranger using your toilet without asking. And while you do have a gun on you, that thing is only good for long-range combat. You will not win against a bear from up close.) A dump pouch is a pouch that is small when empty, but transforms into a bag of holding when you fold it out. Dump pouches are commonly used to store magazines. Because magazines differ in size and shape from firearm type to firearm type magazine-specific pouches just won’t cut it.

Binoculars: a hunter’s second-best friend

While a hunter’s best friend is probably their gun, actually being able to find prey is also very important. A scope won’t cut it when you need to scan through large fields, so you will need something that can properly capture more ground. Binoculars will help a hunter with that. And that is not all: quite a few binoculars will also come with an IR-camera, giving the hunter night vision allowing them to hunt around the clock.